Identity Terms

Common identities on the aromantic spectrum

This glossary is a continuously updating record of terms that have been and are being used in the aromantic community. As a record, this glossary is meant to document the various concepts that are thought up when the language is not sufficient to describe people’s experiences and doesn’t encourage or discourage the use of any term.

Please keep in mind these are shortened definitions and identities can be nuanced.



Describes a person who experiences a fluid or rapidly changing romantic attraction to people of different gender expressions.


Allo aro (allo/aro, aro/allo)

An abbreviation of allosexual aromantic, a term people who are allosexual and aromantic use to describe themselves.


Aroace (aro/ace)

An abbreviation of aromantic asexual, a term by which people who are aromantic and asexual describe themselves.

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  1. Describes a person whose romantic orientation fluctuates but always stays on the aromantic spectrum.

  2. Describes a person whose romantic orientation fluctuates between aromantic and alloromantic.

Coined by: Ngc2068

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Aromantic (aro)

  1. Describes a person whose experience of romance is disconnected from normative societal expectations, commonly due to experiencing little to no romantic attraction, but also due to feeling repulsed by romance, or being uninterested in romantic relationships.

  2. Commonly used as a specific identity term by people who experience no romantic attraction.


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Describes a person whose romantic orientation fluctuates very rapidly, skyrocketing into intense attraction, then plummeting down to feeling no attraction again.

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Describes a person whose status as an aromantic person is unclear or affected by mood.

Coined by: Gcdzilla


Aegoromantic / Autochorisromantic

Describes a person who enjoys the idea of romance, but does not wish to be a participant in romantic activities. A romantic parallel to aegosexual/autochorissexual, an idea first theorized by Anthony Bogaert.

        Coined by: Eridanamporadefensesquad on Tumblr

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Describes a person who has interest in conventionally romantic actions, yet does not desire a romantic relationship.

Coined by: Shygu on Tumblr

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Cupioromantic / Kalosromantic

Describes a person who does not experience romantic attraction, but still desires a romantic relationship.

Cupio coined by: Aro-ace-wonderwoman (a.k.a. Louaxel)

Kalos coined by: Acelyssie

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Describes a person who only experiences romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection.

Demi coined by: Sonofzeal

        Demiromantic coined by: HD Ready


Frayromantic / Ignotaromantic / Protoromantic

Describes a person who experiences romantic attraction towards strangers and people they are less familiar with, which fades away when they get to know them more.

Fray coined by: Edensmachine on Tumblr

        Ignota coined by: Arcresources

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Greyromantic (grey aromantic)

  1. Describes a person who feels romantic attraction very rarely, weakly, unreliably or gains/loses attraction in unusual or unknown circumstances.

  2. Can also be used as an umbrella term for orientations on the aromantic spectrum except for aromantics who don’t experience romantic attraction at all.

Grey coined by: KPsaz

        Greyromantic coined by: Shortass Lady

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Lithromantic / Aporomantic / Akoi(ne)romantic

  1. Describes a person who can feel romantic attraction towards others and enjoys romantic relationships in theory, but does not need that affection to be reciprocated or to be in a relationship with the one the feelings are directed towards.

  2. Describes a person who may stop feeling romantic attraction once in a relationship or stop enjoying it.

Coined by: Ian (Stopanthropomorphizingme) and Cisphobeofficial respectively

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Describes a person who has difficulty or inability to tell romantic attraction apart from platonic due to their neurodivergency.

Coined by: Nonpuellamagi



Describes a person whose romantic orientation is affected by their neurodivergency in some way. Neuroromantic is often used as an umbrella term for neurodivergence-influenced identities.

Coined by: Pastelmemer (a.k.a. Pastelroswell) on Tumblr


Quoiromantic / WTFromantic

  1. Describes a person who doesn’t understand romance, romantic attraction, or romantic orientation and feels as if those categories are nonsensical, inapplicable, or inaccessible so they disidentify with those labels.
    A helpful source

  2. Describes a person who experiences confusion or frustration when trying to differentiate between and apply platonic and romantic attraction to their personal experiences, and therefore is not sure if they experience it.

Quoi coined by: Cor

WTF coined by: Sciatrix

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Describes a person who feels romantic attraction only if the other person feels romantic attraction toward them first.

Coined by: Brooke

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