We try to be as meticulous as possible in creating this website and updating on the news in the aromantic community, but we won’t always see everything. If you’d like us to know about an event, a discussion happening in the community right now, a blog post, a new term that it seems we missed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also contact us if you have a suggestion or an inquiry regarding the website or the content of it. Reach out at


Aromantics can be hard to find in the wild, but we’d like to have our perspectives present and be the advocates for our issues whenever possible. We believe other queer people are invested in including our voices; this union adds to the greater understanding of diversity in human relationships, including the romantic kind. If you’d like to invite an aromantic person to talk about aromanticism or the challenges aromantics face, please write us at, include EVENT in the topic line of your message and tell us about the event in the body of the message.


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