What's Going On: September 2019

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We’ve said it again and again: aromanticism is diverse. A significant part of what we do here is aimed to represent that and our next article has that sentiment at the heart of it. This piece will be titled: “My Aromanticism” and we want to hear from you! Just want is your aromanticism like? We hope to create a collection of responses that show the diversity in experience we speak of so often. If you’re interested, chuck us a line about your aro identity or write a few words on a thought you’ve been working on. We’ve created a short form to fill out with some examples of our experiences for inspiration. Simply write your response, attach your name or an anonymous guise, and that’s it! We are very excited for this piece, it will be rather beautiful. 

(EDIT to add as of 14/09/2019) This month Carnival of Aros is being hosted by Lisa of Ace of Arrows with the chosen topic of ‘Aromanticism and Fiction’. Check of this months prompts and write yourself a fiction or nonfiction piece in answer!

Out and About

Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic are holding an event somewhere in America on the 15th of this month. This is a private group that you will have to contact for more information, so here is the draw card: they will be discussing canon ace and/or aro characters. Not only could you be introduced to new stories, you could meet some new people just like you.

Aromantics address

  • The results for the Romantic Ambivalence Survey are in. A thorough breakdown of the responses has been provided.

  • We have another survey for you this month! PhD students, Hailey Hatch and Lijing Ma, of Saint Louis University, America, are searching out perceptions of infidelity in asexual and/or aromantic communities. If you’d like to share your thoughts the survey can be found: here.

  • Introducing It’s Not Me It’s You, a podcast hosted by ShiShi Rose and Christy DeGallerie where they discuss a little bit of everything! This comedic duo talk freely about mental health, money, and being Black in America. Check out their episode Romance Is Not In The Air to hear about relationships, both romantic and platonic. 

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