What's Going On: October 2019

Are you online?

This month we share with you an up and coming book! Michael Paramo is gifting us, and hopefully the world, with Ending the Pursuit: Asexuality, Aromanticism, and Agender Identity. This triple threat is here to discuss how Western ideals of sexuality, romance, attraction, and gender have become considered natural and the norm. Michael is the creator of The Asexual and has presented and held workshops on asexuality and aromantic identity at places as large as the National Women's Studies Association conference and Princeton University. Their work is most promising.

On the topic of writing last month’s Carnival of Aros submissions have been rounded-up and this month’s topic has been issued! Constance Bougie has initiated a talk on Aromanticism and Aloneness. The prompts are centred on how you keep your own company and just what being alone means to you. And don’t hold back! Constance is excited for all kinds of responses, whether drawn, in the form of a playlist, videos and, of course, written.

Out and about?

For those of you around NW England and the Liverpool area, there are a couple of meetups for you. There will be an afternoon tea on October 12th, 2pm at the Egg Cafe and an evening meet on the 29th, 7pm at the Egg Cafe. This meetup is becoming very well established and encouragingly regular.

We’ve got words

Aromido - The level of desire to receive romantic affection and/or to be the target of romantic behavior. Aromido is the equivalent of libido for romantic feelings and actions.

Aromido coined by: horrorhorizon and freedomisscaryshit (original, archived)

Aromantics address

Papo Aromantic