What's Going On: July 2019

Are you online?

This month Carnival of Aros is to be hosted by Sennkestra, an avid a-spec activist. While the conversation topic has yet to be posted, last month’s responses have been expertly rounded up. Amatonormativity is, understandably, a tiring concept. The carnival asked for imaginations to fly free, to visualize a world without such a thing, and entrants did not disappoint. Click here for critiques, visions, and freedom.

Out and about?

For those of you in Lincoln, Nebraska, an Ace/Aro group started up this June! There are no plans to meet up as of yet, but there are definitely some in the works. If you’re looking for a group of folks to hang out and chat with, get yourself connected!

Over in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, another Asexual/Aromantic group has recently formed. This first meet up will be a nice, casual coffee date on the 13th. Watch out for this lot! They’re offering friendship, cake, and trips to museums.

It seems inaccurate to say Pride Month spoiled us, but it’s unavoidably true. While there are fewer events to report this month, there’s always time for this list to be updated, and for more groups to be founded. It’s important to remember that 2019 has already made visible progress with still half the year yet to come.

We’ve got words

Woven Aro - describes an aromantic person who claims one, or more, label(s) as part of their aromantic identity. This label is not considered sexual, romantic, alterous, or any other distinct type of attraction, and indeed may not be an attraction label at all. The label(s) are intrinsically connected to their aro identity, to the point that they can not be experienced separately, and are considered a single identity. The woven name is symbolic of a braid, where labels are intertwined parts of a whole. 

Woven Aro coined by uniquelyaro

Enamour/Enamory - the ability to form amorous amato-relationship(s). 

Enamour/Enamory coined by lgbtqiarchive

Electico aroace - describes a person who feels no attraction, who still desires or pursues a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Similar to oriented and angled aroace identities. EDIT: This concept was previously coined as cupio aroace.

Coined by electionaroace 

Also coined this month are an alternate set of relationship terms proposed by thearoacespace, which are based on Jupiter’s moons. 

Callistic - describes an aromantic who doesn’t want a committed relationship, whether queerplatonic or otherwise. Said person may be interested in platonic bonds or potentially not. Similar in meaning to aplatonic or nonamorous.

Europic - describes a person who wants a casual relationship, whether platonic, queerplatonic, or otherwise. These relationships would be intimate in terms of affectionate acts such as cuddling or kissing. They would not extend to cohabitation or joint life plans. 

Iodic - describes a person who wants a committed relationship - whether platonic, queerplatonic or otherwise - that (in the words of the coiner) resembles a romantic relationship. Acts such as dates, anniversaries, and joint life plans would be practised. This relationship may extend to cohabitation, marriage, adopting pets, or raising children. 

In response to these terms, greyspec suggested:

Ganymedic - representative of a person who does not fit into this system of words. A purposely broad term for inclusivity.

Aromantics address

Papo Aromantic