Our Team


Tost, President

Aromantic, Bisexual, Cis Woman

Tost became actively involved in the aromantic community first to research the experiences of aromantics with a desire to understand them better, then as a blogger interested in finding various perspectives on aromanticism. Tost was the person who gave spark to this initiative with a bright dedication to building a better community for aromantic people and an aim to make the world more welcoming for us. Naturally, Tost took on responsibility as President of AUREA, shaping the content that ends up on the website and keeping the allosexual perspectives clearly present. As a Polish resident they also intend to make AUREA a multilingual resource.

Magni, Vice President

Aromantic, Asexual, Agender
United States

Magni dedicates a notable amount of time discussing etymology, direction, and intra-community relations with aros across the Internet. Zer commitment to engagement and intersection makes zem a valuable activist. As Vice President ze heads organization with a strong understanding of prioritization and relevance. Ze has taken zer experience from coordinating a queer college organization and implemented that knowledge to improve AUREA’s competency. Magni works to provide quality information on aros such as surveys, history, and vocabulary. Zer belief in AUREA lies in zer dedication to visibility and inclusion.

Neir, Treasurer

Aroflux, Asexual, Genderqueer

Neir made eir first foray into official aromantic discussion via research initiatives. As a trained researcher in social and cognitive sciences, ey has sought and still seeks to include arospec experiences in discussions regarding respect, inclusion, diversity, and the human condition more broadly. Neir’s strengths lie in critical analysis and organization, which is why ey is AUREA’s Treasurer. Eir responsibilities include keeping track of the financials - the numerical details behind this initiative. Neir brings hope for AUREA to become a common ground for conversations in many languages and cultural contexts about what makes the aromantic community tick and bustle.

Sea, Resource Director

Aroace, Enbian, Genderfluid
United States

Sea first entered the aromantic community after realizing that their experiences of love and romance didn’t mesh with the wider worlds’. After spending several years growing and learning to understand themself better, they hope to help in creating more resources so that other aromantics can find the community more easily than they did. Sea has a background in graphic design and years of experience providing educational resources at their place of worship. This combination of skills led them to the role of Resource Director. Sea hopes that AUREA will create an easily accessible starting point for questioning aros, while providing an information hub for aromantics already involved in the community.

Loki, Web Developer

Aromantic, Asexual, Cis Woman
United States

Loki has known she was aroace since 2015 and has run with it. The shelves of our aro community library are rather bare and when Loki saw these cavernous spaces her interest blossomed. As an experienced a-spec and pride blog moderator multiple times over she specializes in research and content organization. With her aspiration to develop and curate community resources she is ideal for the AUREA team as Web Developer. Pulling together facts and figures to paint a picture of the aro community that outsiders can admire is a priority of hers. She hopes to build a collaborative relationship between researchers and the aromantic community alike.

Ramen, Secretary

Aromantic, Asexual, Non-binary
United States

Ramen joined the aromantic community in need of support after figuring out their aro identity. In response to the support they received, they started an aro and ace group at their university, began an aro-centric comic, and signed onto the AUREA initiative as Secretary. Ramen monitors the website’s progress, sees the team is equipped to complete their projects, and is responsible for administration. Ramen is a nonbinary aro ace with autism and ADHD who is studying linguistics. Their hope is to make AUREA a reliable resource for information that boosts the visibility of aromanticism so questioning aros have it a little easier when it comes to figuring out their identities.

Scoop, Editor-in-Chief

Aromantic, Queer, Cis Woman

Scoop dove headfirst into the aromantic community when she realized she couldn’t relate to the world. In retrospect, to have identified as aro for years but to never have explored the identity was a lonely experience. It is her wish that AUREA can educate and connect aros to themselves and to others beyond. Scoop will ensure this occurs by exercising her love of writing as Editor-in-Chief. With experience in both creative and journalistic writing she hopes to make this both an enjoyable and informative experience. Scoop has a burning desire to see AUREA flourish in tandem with our real world community. Fingers crossed the future holds interviews with aromantics across the world.


Our Volunteers

The following people have helped or are currently helping to make the AUREA initiative run smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering with us, see our volunteer section on this website.




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