Aromanticism as of now is an orientation with little publicity, expanding publicity could help our community exponentially. If you’d like to learn something more about the experiences of aromantics and share this information with others, you can contact us and we’ll help connect you with someone for a chat or an interview. Please write to us at, include MEDIA in the topic line of your message and indicate the topic you’d be interested in covering, your affiliation, and your method of conducting an interview in the body of the message.


Research on aromanticism is important to justify our issues and gain visibility in both the scientific community specifically and the larger population more broadly. If you are a researcher interested in recruiting aromantics, please write us at, include RESEARCH in the topic line of your message and indicate what participation in your project would entail in the body of the message. Please also indicate whether your project is affiliated with a particular institution (in terms of being used for an academic degree or being funded by a specific agency).

We can assist with the advertisement of your research on your behalf and we can connect you to specific aromantic communities for contact.